Legend of the Candy Cane

Jesus Christmas candy cane legend activity

Jesus is the Sweetest Gift is a new Christian line of products for Christmas that features the popular story, Legend of the Candy Cane. If you have not see this beautiful story before, just read it below on the gift card.

Featured: Candy Cane Jesus is the Sweetest Gift Christmas activity for kids. This is popular Christmas activity for Sunday school. These candy cane ornaments will keep children busy during class. Each candy cane ornament has holes that children can lace red and white ribbon through. They come with a card that has the Christian message The Story of the Candy Cane and Bible verse that reads:

The gift of God is eternal life. – Romans 6:23

The Legend of the Candy Cane shares how the candy cane was turned upside down and it becomes a “J” for Jesus. The red stripes represent the blood of Jesus and the white stripes represent His purity! This line has candy cane and peppermints and present graphics along with this basic Bible verse: The gift of God is eternal life. Romans 6:23.

Whether you are hosting a Christmas party and are looking for prize and favors, or you just would like to find inexpensive, small Christian gifts, Jesus is the Sweetest Gift collection just might be what you are looking for.

Candy Cane Jesus is the Sweetest Gift Christmas Decoration Activity

Christmas candy cane pin
Jesus Christmas Candy Cane Pin on Gift Card

These pins make a great small Christmas gift for Sunday school children! Each pin is has a pewter finish pin and comes on a gift card that says: Jesus is the sweetest gift. The cards have this Scripture from Romans 6:23 The gift of God is eternal life on front and backside has the story of the candy cane.

Christmas candy cane activity book
Jesus, Candy Cane Activity Book with Stickers

These little books make a great Christmas Sunday school award, gift or prize! These books are an accordion style, fun book that shares a Christmas story and kids use the stickers to finish the story!

Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, these books also make an exciting Sunday school outreach tool! Each book has this timeless Bible message from The gift of God is eternal life Romans 6:23.

Jesus candy cane bookmark
Jesus, Candy Cane Christmas Bookmark

These Christmas jumbo bookmarks are laminated and have the Christmas message Jesus, the Sweetest Gift message and Bible verse.

Jesus Candy Cane Christmas cup
Jesus, Candy Cane Story Plastic Party Cup

These are perfect Christmas Sunday school favors for your event! Each cup has this sentiment: Jesus the sweetest gift and the Bible verse from Romans 6:23 on the back. Get 12 Christmas cups in each order.

Christmas candy cane bead craft and card

Legend of the Candy Cane Bead Ornament Craft 12-Pack

Christmas candy cane crafts for kids that share the news that Christ was born and that He would later become our Savior by dying on the cross. Beaded candy cane ornament crafts come with a Meaning of the Candy Cane poem card.

Candy Cane Cross Christmas Craft Kit
Candy Cane Cross Christmas Ornament Craft Kit

Decorative Heart-shaped Christmas ornament craft  that creates a candy cane border with a cross and holly leaf center and comes with a poem card that explain the meaning of the candy cane peom that reads:
This striped heart reminds us of God’s great love sent long ago. The Father sent His Son, Jesus to be our Savior. The red stripe reminds us of the blood He shed for our sins. The white stripe reminds us of His perfection. God loved us enough to send His Son so we should also love one another.

Jesus is the Center of the Season Gift Bags
Jesus is the Center of the Season Gift Bags 12-Pack

Use these bags to hand out Christmas items in at  Sunday School and home. Read: Jesus is the center of the Season.

Candy Cane Legend Bible tracts
Legend of the Candy Cane Tracts 25-Pack

Share these Christian tracts with kids that share the message of Christmas that shares  the story of a candy-maker who made the first candy cane!

The Legend of the Candy Cane is a Christmas tradition and this tract shares how  shepherd’s staff is rotated to become  to a “J” for Jesus, red for his sacrificed blood, white for his sinless life and when broken to eat, symbolizes his broken body for us. People share it in love, as did Jesus give his life in love for us.

Christian Candy Canes
Meaning of the Christmas Candy Cane

These religious Christmas candy canes are perfect to give out at Sunday school and each has a wrapper the tells the Meaning of the candy cane.

Religious Christmas Candy canes and bookmarks
Legend of the Candy Canes and Bookmarks 12-Pack

Box of 12 candy canes come with 12 bookmarks that have the “The Candy Cane Story”.

Legend of Candy cane gift tin

Jesus Sweetest Name I Know Candy Cane Story Tin

This Christmas stocking-shaped tin can be hung as a tree ornament and the it reads:
Jesus Sweetest Name I Know on the front and on the backside is the The Candy Cane Story.

Legend of the Candy Cane Coloring Book
Legend of the Candy Cane Coloring Book

Young children can color the pictures while they hear the Christmas story, The Legend of the Candy Cane. This Christmas candy cane coloring book has reproducible pages and can be used by Sunday school teachers for kids ages 3 to 5.

J for Jesus Free Candy Cane and Baby Jesus Coloring Page on Pinterest

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