Easter Activities for Church

Easter walk with Jesus church program

Looking for Easter activities for church? From Christian Easter programs to religious Easter games, this page will give you some great ideas to do at your Church Easter egg hunt or a Sunday school party for kids.

The first Church Easter event, is similar to a Vacation Bible school program, only for the entire family! Use the “Walk with Jesus” Easter event for parents, children, neighbors, friends and families!

Walk With Jesus Kit – An Easter Event for Families

Walk With Jesus at Easter contains: the Director’s Guide, Media Pack with Sound-Effect CD’s, Video DVD, and a Publicity CD-ROM. It also has samples of the following: Collector Cards Pack, Family Time Together Booklet, Praise for Jesus Palms, Dissolving Paper, and Metal Bracelet.

Your church group will travel together in the footsteps of Jesus, during His last week on earth. Travel to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday, sit down for the Last Supper, pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, discover the sacrifice of Good Friday, and rejoice and celebrate the “news” that they are saved from their sins due to the empty tomb!

Churches of all sizes can bring the “good news” of Easter to life in their church with this program. This Christian program event for churches, offers central truth’s of Christianity and Christ’s sacrifice their salvation! Other Easter ideas for churches include: religious games, activities books, resurrection eggs, Easter eggs with Christian prizes inside and outreach items!

Last Supper Background decoration
The Last Supper Backdrop Display

This Easter, Last Supper backdrop banner, can be used for your Easter, Walk With Jesus event, a church program, use in your children’s ministry area, or as a wall decoration. It measures: 4 feet by 8 feet and is a lightweight banner.

2015 Rise Up With Jesus Easter Event Kit
2015 Rise Up With Jesus Church Easter Event

An Easter 2015 church event for the community and families with high-flying fun! This Easter is a wonderful outreach event for your community and focuses on the first Easter morning. This Easter event kit includes: director’s manual, leader’s guides, media set with audio CD, promotional CD-ROM, and product samples.

Easter Salvation Transformer Easter Event for kids
Easter Salvation Transformer Event

This is part of the “Living Inside Out” series. The Transformer Easter Salvation event immerses kids in fun, memorable experiences every week with life application challenges so kids learn to live out their faith in real ways.

This religious Easter event for Sunday school kids has of 5 lessons about the Resurrection: Jesus’ Life Foretold (Isaiah 11:1-5), Jesus Announces He’s the Messiah (John 7:25-44; 8:19), Jesus Enters Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-11), Jesus Dies and Rises to Life (John 19:16-20:18), and Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish (John 21:1-14).

Easter Rock and Roll Church event
Easter Rock-n-Roll Church Event Kit

This Easter event celebrates the risen Christ with a fun family Easter event that shares the message of God’s love. Invite the whole church and neighbors for an event filled with music, crafts, games, snacks, booths, egg hunt and more activities that center on spreading the gospel message.

Church Easter Egg Hunt Kit
Church Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt Kit

This is a community mission outreach fun project that will impact your church neighborhood and non-church members. This Christian Easter egg hunt kit has enough materials and invitations for 12 and also invitations asking the families who attended to visit your church after the event. This Easter egg hunt event includes: guide, event and church invitations, and 12 glow-in-the-dark wristbands for kids!

Journey with Jesus
Journey with Jesus Church Curriculum

Kids can follow in the steps of Jesus with this 13-week curriculum called: Journey with Jesus. Great for Easter, Sunday school, or Bible school, this non-dated curriculum is perfect for kids ages 3-12. Comes with a resource book and CD-ROM with reproducible worship music, Bible lessons, decorating ideas, reproducible coloring pages, clip art, teacher’s tips and more.

Easter Empty Tomb Display
Easter Empty Tomb Prop

This empty tomb with a rolled away stone entrance is a perfect Easter stage prop. Your Easter resurrection scene will come to life with this cardboard empty tomb prop.

Resurrection Tomb Set Decorations

Resurrection Tomb Scene Backdrop

Teach your church children the Easter story when you use this Resurrection tomb scene that  has the empty tomb of Christ, an angel, Roman Soldier, lamb, and trees you cut out and place the pieces on walls with adhesive.

Nazareth Village scene setter
Nazareth Biblical Village Background Scene

Create a Biblical village scene using this Nazareth background that looks like a busy busy street in Bible times. Nazareth Village is free-standing has stone buildings,  donkeys, trees, sheep, and a community well.

Jesus Christ stand prop
Jesus Standing Prop

Use this self-standing cardboard display of Jesus Christ during your Easter program, church play, or in your Sunday school room.

Christian Easter activity book for kids
Christian Easter Activity Book for Ages 8 to 12

This religious Easter activity book has code breakers, crossword puzzles, mazes and word searches. These Easter activities will help kids learn about the love God has for them and the great sacrifice Jesus made for them and for all of us. Pages are reproducible for home or classroom use.

Christian Easter Bingo
Christian Printable Easter Bible Bingo

This Bingo game has religious sentiments on each square surrounding the Easter story.

Christian Easter Trivia game
Religious Easter Trivia Game

Players need to figure out what the Easter Story from the Bible says to win this games!

Christian Easter Phrases game
Printable Christian Easter Phrases Game

This printable Christian Easter game has fun Bible related phrases to fill in like:
“King _____” be King of Kings, King of the Jews, or even King Forever?

Passion Easter Trivia Game
The Passion of the Christ Movie Trivia Game

This game would be great to play after your adult church members watch the movie, The Passion of the Christ. The game has a movie details and the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. An answer key included.

Easter countdown Activity Card with Stickers
Religious Countdown To Easter Activity Card with Stickers

Prepare children for Easter with this activity that starts on Ash Wednesday and counts the days until Easter. Easter countdown comes with the activity card and 47 stickers.

Jesus in the Garden Gethsemane Art Print
Jesus Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane

Easter Cross bookmarks
Christian He’s Alive Cross Bookmarks 25-Pack

These Cross bookmarks make a great Church give away for Easter. The Cross has this Scripture text on the back:

He’s Alive!
Let us praise Him with heart and soul and voice!
Scripture quote: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore. Revelation 1:18

Cross and Crown of Thorns Easter Banner
Cross and Crown of Thorns Easter Banner

Christian Easter Jesus Activity Pack
Jesus Easter Activity Set for Kids

This exciting activity pack presents the story of Jesus’ life alongside fun activities to engage little ones as they play. The pack includes a coloring sheet, a foldout poster with plenty of stickers to add, and a cheerful paperback with simple, straightforward language retelling Jesus’ story from Bethlehem through to the good news that He is alive. A wonderful alternative for tucking into Easter baskets, and a great value for Sunday school and church gifts.

Easter Story Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible Series

Seen through the eyes of the Apostle Mark, this animated story is about the Biblical Easter story. It begins with Jesus’ joyful entrance into Jerusalem Palm Sunday and continues with the betrayal of Christ, His arrest, crucifixion, and His triumphant resurrection and ascent into Heaven!

This is a classic Christian Easter cartoon that runs about 30 minutes. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Easter  Upper Room and Last Supper curriculum
Easter Upper Room and Last Supper PowerPoint Bible Story

This Bible story curriculum contains PowerPoint slides and a printable Easter Upper Room and Last Supper activity pack in PDF format. The Easter activity pack contains a teaching guide showcases lessons points, a coloring page, and a puzzle page for children. This download is a simple cost-effective way to reach children with the message of the Easter Upper Room Last Supper useful for Sunday School Lessons, mid-week Children’s Ministry Bible school.

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus in Garden of Gethsemane Power Point

 Peter Denies Jesus
Denial of Peter Power Point

Trial of Jesus Christ
Trial of Jesus Christ Power Point

Sentence of Jesus Christ

Sentence of Jesus Christ Power Point

Easter Resurrection Jesus
Easter Resurrection of Christ Power Point

Easter Bible Tracts for Kids
Easter Bible Tracts for Kids

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