About Christian party favors. A bit about me. My name is Shelly Sellers and online I am known as Cosmetic Mom. I started working at home in 2001 with a cosmetic direct sales company and the name, Cosmetic Mom, was my user name on forums and user name just stuck with me.

I decided to try my hand at working online and started writing on Squidoo in 2008 making pages about things a mom does in her life and Christian related pages.


Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and without Him, I would be dead. He literally saved my soul and life and without Him and God, I would have nothing. I came to Him a broken woman and full of sin and carrying so much baggage, I didn’t know if the load would ever be lifted from my shoulders. If you can relate to this short story of my life before Christ, you know the wonderful gift of how Jesus can lighten the burden and know you too can live with Him forever in Paradise (someday).

Let the Children Come to Me Bible Verse

Lovely photo credit Jubilee Lewis.

This is my first Christian site and one of my favorite things is giving religious gifts, favors and prizes to kids and adults.

I follow Christian retailers who offer Sunday school craft supplies, rewards, and prizes and I am associated with and have a passion sharing those products with others. If there is any thing I can help you find, don’t hesitate to leave me note via the contact form below

. I am always looking for Christian and Sunday school craft pictures that your children made and if you have some pictures to share, please use the form below to contact me.




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Christian Party Favors About Me — 4 Comments

  1. Shelly:

    Happened across your site today and like what you are doing. I am partners in Memory Cross and would like to send you some free samples of what we are making.

    They are origami cards that are used to share the Gospel, teach children Bible stories and help kids memorize Scripture.


  2. Hi Shelly, I am wondering about the play money to use in the Sunday School store. Did you buy it or did you make it yourself? We are starting a S.S. store and are looking for the money. I am also wondering where you got the gold coins from. Can you break down the denominations of the cash ? Thank you,

  3. Hi Valerie:

    Thanks for leaving a note! I believe you are talking about a picture of Bible
    play money found on Pinterest, my supplier no longer carries the play money. I
    wish the Bible play money was still available. You could find regular play money
    and add a Christian sticker to make them more relevant to your store. I love the
    idea you are making a store!

    Regarding the gold plastic Christian coins on the Sunday school awards page
    They don’t have an amount listed on the gold tone coins…rather a raised graphic
    of a Christian element and a sentiment.

    Sorry, I don’t have more resources for you!

    Shelly Sellers~