Jesus is Alive Easter Gift set kids

Jesus is Risen makes a great Christian Easter Egg hunt, or religious Easter party theme. This page offers a large selection of Christian Easter ideas for kids to celebrate the “real” meaning of Easter. Make sure to tell children about the “good news” of Easter, that  Jesus Christ is “alive” because of the miracle of His Resurrection and this is a time for celebration! This is just one fun religious Christian Easter idea for children.

For a fun Christian Easter party activity craft for kids, use the sticker scene setters for young children to decorate, as they learn about how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Christian Easter toys and religious Easter eggs will be a blessing for Sunday school teachers and parents, instead of using secular Easter prizes and toys. Other religious Easter products make learning the Biblical story of Easter fun for children like: activity books, coloring books,  crafts, bracelets with prayer cards, religious Easter cartoons, Resurrection Easter eggs, and the plush Resurrection cross toy with markers, stickers, sticker scenes, and puzzles.

Easter Jesus Is Alive Activity Set for Kids

A religious Easter, Jesus is Alive, fun pack for kids with a graphic of the Risen Christ with the empty tomb in the background. Jesus lives gift set comes with an activity book, Egg-shaped puzzle, and coloring pad. Sample Easter message from the activity book reads:

He died for our sins on
that terrible day they
sealed up His grave and
His friends went away.
But after three days what
came next was amazing
He rose from the
dead and His friends
started praising!

Last supper building blocks
Easter Last Supper Building Block Play Set

A real Christian building block play set that allows children to build and reenact The Last Supper scene! Parents can share the story surrounding the upper room and the Last Supper with this play set that has 286 interconnecting block pieces and the figurines include: set Jesus and the 12 disciples figurines. This Christian block set play set is fully compatible with all leading brands of building blocks.

Resurrection Eggs
Easter Resurrection Eggs Activity Set

Kids can learn the Easter Bible story and have their Easter eggs with this resurrection eggs gift set that comes with a story book and stickers! With this resurrection egg set, you can read the Easter story book to your child and open each Easter egg to find a surprise inside! Inside each Easter egg are tiny symbols pieces of the journey Jesus took on the way to the cross.

Easter Resurrection eggs set includes: 1 egg carton 12 plastic eggs 12 symbols, 1 storybook, peel and stickers.

DIY Resurrection Cross Marker Set
Color Your Own Resurrection Cross Toy & Marker Set
This easy Easter cross craft is for little ones and comes with a washable fabric cross, along with six, brightly colored washable markers.

30 Christian Easter Resurrection Download Games and activity Pack
Christian Easter Resurrection Printable Games & Activities Download

Bring the Resurrection story to life with this printable set of 30 Christian learning games, and activities, for kids! The Easter activities are great for ages PK-K and are visual aids to bring the Bible story characters to life through 30 fun activities like: Bible matching games, alphabet game, counting game, fill in the blank item game,  number game, what is different game, and much more!

Gospel story Easter eggs
Resurrection Easter Egg with Prizes 12-Pack

The Resurrection Easter Egg for kids opens o reveal a butterfly puzzle, booklet, and a butterfly eraser. Get 12 Resurrection Easter Eggs in each order, making it a perfect Sunday school giveaway for kids!

God’s promise of
love and forgiveness is
true it’s Easter’s great gift
meant for me and for you!

DIY Religious Butterfly Easter eggs
DIY Christian Butterfly Easter Eggs Crafts

Have your children assembly these adorable Easter eggs that resemble butterflies! The butterfly wings are made of foam and the plastic eggs have a smiling butterfly face, printed with the phrase: Jesus gives us new life.

Bible story Easter magnetic play set
Good News Easter Magnetic Play Set

Magnetic Easter play set for little ones will help them understand the Resurrection story in a child-friendly way. This Easter magnet set has cute characters and large play board and the 17-pieces.

Beginners Bible Easter felt set
Sunday School Easter Felt Bible Story Set

This Beginner’s Bible Easter story felt set has Jesus, Pilate, King Herod, Roman Guards, 3 crosses on a hill, the Empty Tomb, Angel, women, and Jesus ascending to heaven.

Easter Jesus Lives Let us Celebrate party cup
Easter Jesus Lives Let’s Celebrate Party Cups
 These Easter, Jesus Lives cups are reusable and make a great Sunday school Easter party supply and favor! They have children singing and celebrating for joy that Jesus Christian lives and this Scripture quote:

Because I live, you will live also. John 14:19.

Resurrection Count down Calendar
Resurrection Countdown Calendar for Kids

This beautiful calendar retells the Gospel story of Easter. Start the Easter countdown on Ash Wednesday, and for 47 days, open one window each day of Lent to reveal colorful pictures and inspirational Scripture that conveys the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Easter Story Pamphlets kids
Easter Bible Story Pamphlets for Kids 10-Pack

Encourage your kids to learn the true Easter story through these illustrated Bible story books. Children will discover these truths: God is our King, God strengthens us, God knows us, God is righteous, God is our Savior, God is victorious, and God teaches us. These religious Easter pamphlets for kids are written in a simple language with referencing Scriptures and have colorful illustrations.

Jesus is Risen printable activity coloring Book
Easter He Is Risen Activity/Coloring Instant Download Book

After the crucifixion and burial of Christ, His Disciples, and followers, were filled with despair and grief. But on the 3rd day, they discover that Jesus was not in the tomb, but the tomb was empty and Christ was resurrected and He was risen from the dead!

This wonderful Christian activity, and coloring, book is an instant download. Download and print off the pages of He is Risen to share the Bible story that Jesus was resurrected and have children finish the story, do the coloring pages, puzzles, word games, and more.

Easter He is Risen Bible story app
He Is Risen – An Easter Story App for Kids

A wonderful Biblical app about Jesus and how He rose on Easter! This app also has a mode to paint the Bible pictures in.

Jesus - Bible Character Puppet
Jesus – Bible Character Puppet

Use this Jesus puppet during the Easter season to bring your Sunday school stories to life. Jesus puppet is dressed in a linen robe, with a purple satin sash, and sandals.

Day of Pentecost animated Bible Download
Day of Pentecost – Download

Day of Pentecost is power point Bible story created with state-of-the-art 3D technology. This download uses historical and cultural research incorporating authentic costumes, architecture, and geography in the images that contains up to 7 PowerPoint slides and a printable activity set in PDF format about the day of Pentecost.

Pentecost Bible Story book
Pentecost Bible Story Book for Kids

Encourage your kids to read and learn about what happened with the people during Pentecost. This Bible story book takes you through the fall of Babylon up through the Pentecost.

Animated Bedbug Bible Gang Pentecost
The Bedbug Bible Gang Animated Pentecost DVD

Bedbugs Bible Gang is a fun Christian cartoon series that uses 3-D computer animation with illustrations, and live-action puppets, while teaching important lessons about the Bible. In this episode, kids will learn about the Pentecost, The Fruits of the Spirit, and Phillip and the Ethiopian. Bedtime Bible Gang is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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